Lionel Young is a high energy performer with a bent for the blues. His LIONEL YOUNG BAND, winners of numerous awards for best in and around the Colorado region, have won the 2011 International Blues Challenge (IBC) band competition. Added to his victory at the 2008 IBC in the solo-duo catagory, that makes Lionel Young the first double champion in the history of the IBC.

Fans of the driven, classically trained Young, love his distinctive brand of blues on the electric violin. His show features not only Young originals but interpretations of blues classics by Willie Dixon, Leadbelly and Stevie Ray Vaughan, features the strength and passion of Young’s playing, as well as his smooth vocals and unique translations. The songs, which include his award-winning composition ” Brown Cloud Over Denver” and “Hey, O.J.,” a controversial little gem, alternately stir up social concerns and soothe the weary soul. It’s prime. It’s fun. It’s Lionel Young.

Born in Rochester, New York, Lionel Young began taking violin lessons at the age of six with Anastasia Jempelis at the Eastman School of Music. He was a member of the Pittsburgh Opera-Ballet Orchestra and the National Repertory Orchestra which commissioned him to play bluegrass and blues for their summer festival and on a tour of Japan, Taiwan, and Korea during the 1988 Summer Olympic Music Festival.

Throughout his career, Mr. Young has won numerous awards including: The Young Artist Award (Pittsburgh Symphony); The Concerto Contest (Carnegie-Mellon); The Passamenic Award (Branchwood String Quartet); and the award for the Best Blues Band in Westword’s Best of Denver. He’s also won a position with The Denver Chamber Orchestra and premiered a solo piece by William Hill.

Lionel has had the honor of working with such show biz luminaries as: Count Basie, Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Paige/Robert Plant, Doc Severenson, Linda Ronstadt, Living Color, Billy Taylor, Woodie Herman, Stanley Turrentine, Homesick James, Homer Brown, Hamlet Bluiett, Chief Bae, and Johnny Long.

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  1. Saw you for the first time last night at Little Bear !!! YOU ARE AWESOME … and we enjoyed the heck out of your incredible talent !!! Will def. follow your schedule to see you again !!!

  2. It is little doubt that this is the best singer in the world! What makes a singer isn’t their appearance, it’s their voice! I don’t like when people judge singers on things that just aren’t that vital. Remember, they are entertainers, not actors! Let them do their stuff and enjoy the melodies!

  3. Loved seeing your show at New Year’s Eve 2012- you made the trip to Topeka worth it for us!!! Hope to see you again there next year!

  4. its 1:30am you are all long gone now but i am still moving to your music in my head.:-) any group that makes me grin all night and move despite bad joints and make me just about slide out of my seat…is a group i hope all get to hear And See. great musicians, individually , and together a fine fun honed magical evening for all!Pied Pipers as well:-) as people walked in drawn to the music. i still remember one woman walking in , with a dazed look on her face..having seen you in Kansas and here you were here in PT Washington…stunned to see you here on that night ..she just about floated to a table ..anywhere she said sit me anywhere.:-) the playing, the heart… to see you playing and having as good a time as the audience…Magic….thank you !!!

  5. We saw you at the Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland and were blown away!! I love you band’s take on the blues. Everyone was eating it up. Boy what you can do with the violin!! And your band with everything else! I hope to see you again sometime.

  6. Butte, Montana. It’s Saturday night. In the Silver Dollar saloon enjoying some blues and drinks. A friend accidentally harvested some bits of the displayed business card of Lionel’s for an impromptu art project. Then we looked up the owner of the card… We are so ashamed … all the best. Your new friends in Butte, Montana…

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