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32 thoughts on “Contact & Booking

  1. Lionel & Band….saw you guys at the New Daisy in Memphis and then again at the Orpheum and was blown away. My son played in the IBC Youth Challenge and he too was blown away by you guys. Keep it up!

    If you ever get towards Lincoln, NE, I’m begging you play a gig at the Zoo Bar.

  2. i caught you guys for the 1st time at the oriental theater in march-you guys tore the place up!! went out and grabbed a copy of ‘as the sun goes down’ and can’t wait to get more music from the band. how does a guy get the new cd?? and i heard you were gonna play the toad tavern soon? i’m keepin my eyes open for gigs so i can try and catch you live(as many times as i can) great sound/great band-i’ll be a fan for life!!

  3. I caught your show at the 2011 Charlie West Blues Fest. Incredible! I hope Jack will have you back next year and in a time slot later in the day.

  4. 8-3-11 Truly enjoyed your stop at The Old Boston in Fort Dodge, Iowa. That was the most amazing performance on Central Avenue since Buddy Miles played in a little bar a few blocks east of there about ten years ago….such great musicianship, and the fun you were having on stage made it a truly memorable evening….Your bio explains how those classical licks were sneaking into the bluesiest fiddle I’ve heard since Stuff Smith…..I’ve become a fan….hope to see you in Baxter, Iowa on the 17th…..

  5. my ugly sister toni told me i had to be sure i get to bethany blues in lewes on aug 19.
    hope to get a chance to listen to you that evening.
    she raves about your music

    ugly toni’s brother

  6. To everyone of you in the band, thank you so much for your top notch music on the recent Blues Cruise out of San Diego. You were our favourite group on board. Absolutely loved the way you all shared the vocals, sounded unreal. We bought your album and have been playing the pants off it. Thanks Dexter for going to the trouble to get your signatures on the album for me. We hope one day we might see you all down under. All the very best to you all.
    We will stayed tuned for more of your great music in the future.
    Good luck from Australia.

  7. Wow! Hey Guys- Lionel, Dexter and the whole band, We are crazy about your new CD, On The Way To Memphis. “It’s the freshest, most fantastic CD I’ve heard in forever,” Carrie. We just love it. What else can we say. Johnny is so proud of you guys. You’re an inspiration to him. And you know we love you. God bless. Again, “Wow!” Carrie and Johnny Long

  8. Hi guys wanted to send you my review for your CD. Sorry it took so long. Publish if you like.

    Lionel Young Band – On Our Way To Memphis
    Winners in the band competition of the 2011 International Blues Challenge awards, this band is just beginning. Although hailing from Colorado they have the Memphis sound that makes you admit defeat and leads you directly onto the dance floor, do not pass go, do not collect $200 go directly to the dance floor! The Lionel Young Band performed at the Great Woods Music Festival in Beausejour last year and was a hit! Their album On Our Way To Memphis begins, cruises through the middle and ends with everything from originals like Knock These Blues Around to T Bone Walker’s Strollin’ With The Bone ending with a beautiful a cappella version of Sam Cooke’s Bring It On Home. Nice album! ( – EB-Bluesday CKUW 95.9FM Winnipeg, Canada

  9. I heard Blues and Boogie Woogie on XM -BB King’s Bluesville yesterday and couldn’t believe it. What a wonderful experience. As a Boomer now, we had a little band when I was in high school and I loved the blues and boogie then too. I played piano, trombone and a little bass. Haven’t played much in recent years but I’m about to get my piano back-the grandkids are done with it. My question is if there is a written record of this song-Blues and Boogie Woogie-like sheet music or something. I’d love to learn to play this and any others available. Please advise the charge for the music. I’ve ordered your CD and hope to be able to attend one of your performances some day. Thank you for keeping this music alive.

  10. Dear Lionel and band: My wife, daughter, and I want to reaffirm how much we enjoyed your music and company last night at the Alamo in Springfield. (We were that great looking couple at the first table, the beautiful long-haired daughter–just to refresh your memory!) We see two bookings on June 22… Pekin and Peoria? Double booked? One day and one night? Hope to catch you… but where? Thanks for any info, good blues to you… and again, safe travels.

  11. I truly enjoyed your concert in Sedan. That was the first time I have heard your band and you blew me away! The sounds Mr. Young created with his violin were very impressive. I bought a cd at the concert for my Dad because I thought he would love it. I was very honored that Mr. Young and Mr. Mali had time to autograph it for me. The problem is, when I got home and gave it to him, the cd wouldn’t play. I was wondering if it would be possible for me to trade it out. The title is Lionel Young Band: On Our Way To Memphis IBC Sessions 2011. Is this possible? I would be happy to send you the orginal. Thank you.

  12. Lionel,
    Been a long time! Heard you on the SiriusXM blues channel today and freaked out! Used to sit in with you from time to time back in the mid 90’s in Denver. I was blowin blues harp for a band called Room 101 at the time. Playing with you at the Little Bear is one of my favorite memories from my time living out there. Back home in Indiana now and hope to catch you at the Slippery Noodle. Congrats on all your success!

  13. I saw you at the Crimson Moon Cafe last Saturday night and was blown away by the great music. I bought your CD and have enjoyed it several times. Please play in Georgia again, soon. The Melting Point in Athens, GA is an excellent venue!

  14. Great set at the Waterfront Blues festival!
    I’m emailing western Colorado friends to tell them they should see you in Ridgeway on the 13th.

  15. Just saw you last night at the Portland Blues Festival and thought you were great. I wanted to know about your upcoming tour schedule, but your web page is out of date. Will check back soon and hoping to see your 2012 (and beyond) schedule posted.

  16. Lionel! I’m so bummed I missed you in ROC in June. Heard you on the HOB. Hope they treated you right so you come back to the River City again. Let me know and Roger & I will be there!

  17. lionel i am the guitar player for teresa at times LOL your band is totally the best as far as old blues and louisiana style good ole blues 🙂 you are all very talented and harmonies OMG…… just wanted to say that from one player to the other . thanks dude i’m glad i got ears 🙂

  18. Had the pleasure of seeing you guys on LRBC out of San Diego a couple of years ago. We were blown away by your music. Did not miss one of your performances. We are getting ready to set sail on Blue Cruise tomorrow from Fort Luaderdale and wish y’all were aboard. We will write you (again) as a band we would like to have aboard on a future cruise. We hope you will make to South Carolina one day.

  19. I attended the concert last night in Monroe, Michigan and came away knowing that I had just seen one of the most unique and talented Blues/Jazz bands in our country.
    Thanks for sharing your talents and a safe trip back to Colorado!

    Ron Starr

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