On Our Way To Memphis – the IBC sessions. Listen here, and when you are ready to buy, CLICK!
For Lionel’s previous CDs, As the Sun Goes Down or Beautiful Day, email: or mail $22 check per each to: Dexofon/PO 4104/Boulder CO 80306

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Cool TV was at Telluride last summer, documenting the festival. If you stayed away for fear of heights, couldn’t make it ’cause the car wouldn’t start, or if you did and want to remember… go over to Cool TV and buy/download the DVD:

The Lionel Young Band delivers a memorable set at the 2011 Telluride Blues and Brews festival.  Rooted in pulsating horns and rhythmic guitars, Lionel Young and his band play a classical style of blues with a modern day twist.  When listening to this set there are moments you can imagine yourself relaxing on a porch in Mississippi while listening to an old timer playing blues songs he’s played for 60 years, while at other times you might be swept away to a bustling low light bar in the Kansas City Jazz district.  The Lionel Young Band delivers an all around solid performance that can be appreciated by fans of all genres of Blues and Jazz.


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  1. The folks that went to Memphis and heard you guys told us you were great, but until we saw you at Uncle Bo’s last night we did not fully realize how good you really were, thanks for a great evening and come back soon!

  2. Saw theses guys in Davenport and what a surprise! They are tight, they are talented and play a lot of different stuff. They were so good I danced the whole set then passed out in a heap along the mississippi from dehydration. Kinda scary, but I will be making the trek north to see these guys again and buy the CD I shoulda bought in Iowa.
    This band is the real deal, you have to see them.

  3. We went to the Pittsburgh Blues Festival mainly to see the Tedeschi Trucks Band, but were floored by Lionel and band. So original and so good. We enjoyed Lionel Young so much that it sort of made the band we came to see seem lame. I would love to catch these guys in a more intimate setting, but we had a ball at the festival because of them.

  4. Saw you guys here in Fort Collins last night at Bohemian Fest. Great show to open the weekend. Loved your version of “Summertime”. Come back anytime!

  5. Dear LYB,
    Was lucky enough to catch your kickin’show @ Oskar’s Blues in Lyons, CO last Saturday and was more than impressed!! Would definitely like to buy a CD but can only find one – ‘On Our Way To Memphis’ on the website. Do yoouhave other CD’s as well? If so, how do I find that list?
    Much thanks, trip

    • Hi John,
      On Our Way to Memphis is the current band – what you saw the other night plus one (AnDre was out of town). Lionel’s “Beautiful Day” is the CD he made at the time he won the IBC solo competition in Memphis, 2008. “As the Sun Goes Down” is an even earlier album, with a lot of different players. Both great albums, neither currently advertised on the net. If you are interested, write to us here and we will sell it “mail order” – you send the check and we send the CD. -Dexter

  6. Lionel Young and Band … Your great, I just discovered you and plan to check your tour schedule, I want to see you live.

    Spiderwood Studios is a Motion Picture as well as Music Studios in Austin
    I have friends that I’m forwarding your website and expect to get great reviews…

  7. This is just “feel good” music that makes you move in your seat. Love it. Thanks for the taste. I’ll be at Live at the Five tomorrow night. Don’t want to miss it.

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