Productivity and a clean environment – do they have anything in common?

A clean environment is important anywhere, not just at the office and everybody knows that good hygiene keeps diseases away and improves your general well-being. If you are a business owner, you should keep in mind that your productivity can be influenced by the way you clean, sanitise and take care of your working environment.

Modern people spend a lot of time at the office. Even if the working place has become their second home and they consider it a safe, productive surrounding, most of them ignore the invisible threats that can taint the environment and cause many problems. Here, everything can make us sick, from a pen to the keyboard, because they are full of dangerous bacteria. We cannot prevent their contamination, since we use them every day and rarely clean and sanitize them, but we can do our best to prevent germs from spreading and making us sick.

Proper hygiene is always a must, but for companies is even more important. Cleanliness will help you make a good impression on your partners and is one of the factors that can bring you success. In addition, other advantages will come out of it.

Your employees are happier and more efficient

According to recent studies, over 75% of employees say that the conditions from their working place can influence their productivity. If the space is tidy, they can work better and faster, because it is easier to put their ideas in order and find all the documents they need fast. Also, if the office is cleaned and sanitized every day, the workers feel safe and more confident while they perform daily tasks.


A clean office makes a good first impression

Cleanliness will be the first thing noticed by your guests, even if you think they will focus on other aspects. This sends a silent message about your respect towards others – if you work in a clean, safe environment, your collaborators will trust you; if this aspect is neglected, they will have doubts about your capacity to develop a strong partnership.


Periodical disinfection prevents illnesses among your employees and prevents infections from spreading

Viral infections are serious and can spread very easily. The office conditions allow bacteria to spread fast, so the workers can get a disease in every moment if they come in contact with a sick coworker. An efficient way to prevent infections from spreading is periodical disinfection. You should sanitize the office as often as possible, especially if some of your team members called in sick.


Last, but not least, the law says you should take care of your worker’s health

In every business, the employees should always be healthy. There are directives that tell you how to organize pest control, waste distribution and emergency situations. Also, when you hire someone, you are obligated to present him or her all the rules and regulations concerning protection and health at the working place. In this way, you save the money you would spend on a medical lease.


Tips to Boost Your Baby’s Immunity Naturall

Unlike adults who have a well formed immune system, children are more likely to get sick, and their immune system is more vulnerable to attacks from bacteria, viruses and other agents that transmit diseases. It is nothing unusual for kids to fall ill much more frequently than adults, but if your kids are sick almost all the time, it means that there is plenty of room for improvement. That being said, there are ways to boost your kids’ immune system, and I will show you the ones I am currently using with very satisfying results.



Teach your kids to eat more fruits and vegetables as soon as possible. With so many temptations around in the shape of junk food, snacks, and sweets, it is truly up to parents to take care of the eating habits kids develop from an early age. Besides the overall benefits of healthy eating, you should know that fruits and veggies are packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals with an active role in boosting a kid’s immune system. Apples, carrots, citrus fruits, broccoli and many other fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants which are very efficient in fighting disease carrying agents.


Make sure that your kid is getting enough sleep every night (and day). A newborn needs a lot of sleep, up to 18 hours, while a toddler needs anywhere between 10 and 14 hours of sleep. Ensuring a sleeping environment that is healthy and quiet helps kids sleep profoundly and this counts for a well rested body that will be able to fight illness in a more efficient manner. At night, the kids’ room should be dark and well ventilated. If the temperature you maintain in the room is too high, your kids will sleep poorly, and this will reflect on how much resistance they have in the face of disease.


Take your kids out for walks and playing in the park every day. Exposure to sun rays and fresh air works wonders for any baby’s immune system. Even on cloudy days, the sun will still deliver the much-needed conditions for the human body to synthesize the much-needed vitamin D that plays an important role in the creation of strong bones. Also, kids who play in fresh air every day will be naturally exhausted at the end of the day, and they will sleep well.

Make time to play with your kids and show them how much you love them. According to experts, the happy, positive feelings experienced by a child in their family environment also help with boosting the immune system. A happy child is less likely to get sick, and you will be a happy parent, as well.




How to Get Stuff Done Even When You Have Kids

Life with small children around is not the same as the one lived by someone who is single or does not yet have children. In other words, it is pretty hectic, and not only from time to time but pretty much all the time. If you are on your own and do not have family or a partner to help you out, getting anything done may seem close to impossible. I am in such a situation and, forced by circumstances; I have learned several good ways of getting stuff done even with children around. I hope this post will find you well and help you become more productive while juggling everything and everyone around you.

You may not see it this way, but kids can be your allies in this. How? First things first, you need to get them accustomed to a clear schedule, and specifically to a sleep pattern. This way, you will make room in your daily schedule at very definite intervals for taking care of other chores. I don’t say that it does not take some work, but the benefits you reap will be great.


Depending on the age of your little ones, you can get them involved in the chores you need to do around the house. For instance, if you are washing dishes, your older kid could help you by putting them back on the shelves. In case your children are too small, use high chairs for children that come with safety features, like a harness. This way, you can keep them around – so you can keep an eye on them – but still see about your chores without a problem.


Be ready to be interrupted. This means that you should learn how to adapt. Kids do not need constant, second by second, careful monitoring and supervision, but they do need attention. That means that you should be able to split your chores in small increments and allow more time for each of them. If you get used to this way of doing things, you will be quite impressed with how much work you will be able to perform by the end of the day.

While all of the above involve children, keep in mind that you are the one who must do all the chores, so it is up to you to learn how to do things in a more efficient manner. That being said, you should turn off your smartphone, close the computer, and focus on the tasks at hand. Too many distractions around will only complicate the situation, and your kids will not be the ones to blame. With proper planning and time management, you will see that nothing is impossible.



How I Improved My Focus and Goals by Keeping My Living Environment Clean

Living in a house with kids teaches you discipline, but it is preferable that you are not learning this on the go, and being forced by the circumstances. I want to share with you now how I managed to understand the benefits of living in a clean environment, so I could focus more on the things I had to do.

First of all, the point of cleaning your home is to reduce dust and allergens. Kids are more likely to suffer from an unclean environment, which is why it is so important to have a spotless house. Since I needed a cleaning tool that could help me through all the spills and mishaps that come with the territory when you have babies, I decided to go for an electric broom. This tool is very handy and ideal for quick cleaning jobs, so I do not have to take out my full-size vacuum cleaner for the smallest mess. The thing with this electric broom is that it maintains the air clean, so my kids can play around a lot, without me fearing that they may get ill. Before I bought this model I read a lot of helpful info on this website:


There is another thing about having a clean living environment that helps with focus. If your house is all cluttered and you have no room to move, you practically spend a great deal of time trying to navigate the chaos instead of thinking of all the things you need to do. For me, that is nothing but wasted energy, and I cannot begin to tell you how important is to have a clutter clean environment.


I must also share with you a little secret. Getting involved in cleaning tasks helps me clear my head; whatever I may have on my mind, while I am mopping, or scrubbing or vacuuming, I can put my thoughts in order, and I can concentrate more on finding a solution.

I know that cleaning takes time. But it can take you a lot more extra time just trying to negotiate with a cluttered, dusty, unclean environment. If you make cleaning a habit and you do not mind cleaning on the go from time to time, you will notice that it is not by far as time-consuming as you might think. This is a great occasion for you to have a beautiful home where you can invite guests and enjoy their praise on what a great house you have. With any effort, comes the reward, so why not enjoy it?


I hope my little post will motivate you to start de-cluttering your home. For me, and my power to focus on important goals and plans, this is paramount and has positive consequences.



Baby Products We Couldn’t Live Without

I will start this blog post by saying that I feel really fortunate to live in a world where there are so many baby products that help us take care of our little ones with so much ease. While the following may not be a comprehensive list, I hope it will give you some ideas on what you should be storing for your newborn.


I will first list a diaper pail for the simple reason that I had no idea used diapers can smell so foul, before I started taking care of my little one. I just guessed like other people that I will just dump them in the trashcan and that would be all.

Oh, boy, how wrong I was! With my newly acquired diaper pail, I have no longer deal with the nasty smells, and the entire room feels cleaner and more comfortable, not to mention my peace of mind knowing that I do not have to go empty the trash bin each time I change my baby.


The next I will add is a baby monitor. I purchased the kind that offers you visual feedback, and not only audio features, since I need to be able to check on my baby quickly, since I need to move around the house and see about other chores.

As soon as something happens in the nursery, the monitor alerts me, and I can quickly see what is going on before reaching the nursery. This has been a lifesaver for me, so I don’t even know why I am placing it second, except for the fact that I just got the diaper pail, and it felt logical to talk about it first.


A baby swing is also part of my must have lists. I like keeping my baby in the crib, but I guess it gets pretty boring for her to just spend time there. Since I wanted to be able to keep an eye on her, especially when I had to deal with more time consuming chores, I got a baby swing for her.

This way, I can move her from one room to another with great ease, and I do not have to worry about her all the time. Also, the swing comes with all kinds of soothing sounds and tunes, so she sleeps … well, like a baby.


The last item I will add and I highly recommend is a set of pacifiers. They are great for helping the baby sleep, and they prevent infants from sucking on their thumbs.

My little one sleeps so well ever since I got the pacifiers that I am frankly more than grateful for this simple invention that keeps babies so sound asleep that parents can get some shuteye, too.

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