Baby Products We Couldn’t Live Without

I will start this blog post by saying that I feel really fortunate to live in a world where there are so many baby products that help us take care of our little ones with so much ease. While the following may not be a comprehensive list, I hope it will give you some ideas on what you should be storing for your newborn.


I will first list a diaper pail for the simple reason that I had no idea used diapers can smell so foul, before I started taking care of my little one. I just guessed like other people that I will just dump them in the trashcan and that would be all.

Oh, boy, how wrong I was! With my newly acquired diaper pail, I have no longer deal with the nasty smells, and the entire room feels cleaner and more comfortable, not to mention my peace of mind knowing that I do not have to go empty the trash bin each time I change my baby.


The next I will add is a baby monitor. I purchased the kind that offers you visual feedback, and not only audio features, since I need to be able to check on my baby quickly, since I need to move around the house and see about other chores.

As soon as something happens in the nursery, the monitor alerts me, and I can quickly see what is going on before reaching the nursery. This has been a lifesaver for me, so I don’t even know why I am placing it second, except for the fact that I just got the diaper pail, and it felt logical to talk about it first.


A baby swing is also part of my must have lists. I like keeping my baby in the crib, but I guess it gets pretty boring for her to just spend time there. Since I wanted to be able to keep an eye on her, especially when I had to deal with more time consuming chores, I got a baby swing for her.

This way, I can move her from one room to another with great ease, and I do not have to worry about her all the time. Also, the swing comes with all kinds of soothing sounds and tunes, so she sleeps … well, like a baby.


The last item I will add and I highly recommend is a set of pacifiers. They are great for helping the baby sleep, and they prevent infants from sucking on their thumbs.

My little one sleeps so well ever since I got the pacifiers that I am frankly more than grateful for this simple invention that keeps babies so sound asleep that parents can get some shuteye, too.