Productivity and a clean environment – do they have anything in common?

A clean environment is important anywhere, not just at the office and everybody knows that good hygiene keeps diseases away and improves your general well-being. If you are a business owner, you should keep in mind that your productivity can be influenced by the way you clean, sanitise and take care of your working environment.

Modern people spend a lot of time at the office. Even if the working place has become their second home and they consider it a safe, productive surrounding, most of them ignore the invisible threats that can taint the environment and cause many problems. Here, everything can make us sick, from a pen to the keyboard, because they are full of dangerous bacteria. We cannot prevent their contamination, since we use them every day and rarely clean and sanitize them, but we can do our best to prevent germs from spreading and making us sick.

Proper hygiene is always a must, but for companies is even more important. Cleanliness will help you make a good impression on your partners and is one of the factors that can bring you success. In addition, other advantages will come out of it.

Your employees are happier and more efficient

According to recent studies, over 75% of employees say that the conditions from their working place can influence their productivity. If the space is tidy, they can work better and faster, because it is easier to put their ideas in order and find all the documents they need fast. Also, if the office is cleaned and sanitized every day, the workers feel safe and more confident while they perform daily tasks.


A clean office makes a good first impression

Cleanliness will be the first thing noticed by your guests, even if you think they will focus on other aspects. This sends a silent message about your respect towards others – if you work in a clean, safe environment, your collaborators will trust you; if this aspect is neglected, they will have doubts about your capacity to develop a strong partnership.


Periodical disinfection prevents illnesses among your employees and prevents infections from spreading

Viral infections are serious and can spread very easily. The office conditions allow bacteria to spread fast, so the workers can get a disease in every moment if they come in contact with a sick coworker. An efficient way to prevent infections from spreading is periodical disinfection. You should sanitize the office as often as possible, especially if some of your team members called in sick.


Last, but not least, the law says you should take care of your worker’s health

In every business, the employees should always be healthy. There are directives that tell you how to organize pest control, waste distribution and emergency situations. Also, when you hire someone, you are obligated to present him or her all the rules and regulations concerning protection and health at the working place. In this way, you save the money you would spend on a medical lease.