Tips to Boost Your Baby’s Immunity Naturall

Unlike adults who have a well formed immune system, children are more likely to get sick, and their immune system is more vulnerable to attacks from bacteria, viruses and other agents that transmit diseases. It is nothing unusual for kids to fall ill much more frequently than adults, but if your kids are sick almost all the time, it means that there is plenty of room for improvement. That being said, there are ways to boost your kids’ immune system, and I will show you the ones I am currently using with very satisfying results.



Teach your kids to eat more fruits and vegetables as soon as possible. With so many temptations around in the shape of junk food, snacks, and sweets, it is truly up to parents to take care of the eating habits kids develop from an early age. Besides the overall benefits of healthy eating, you should know that fruits and veggies are packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals with an active role in boosting a kid’s immune system. Apples, carrots, citrus fruits, broccoli and many other fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants which are very efficient in fighting disease carrying agents.


Make sure that your kid is getting enough sleep every night (and day). A newborn needs a lot of sleep, up to 18 hours, while a toddler needs anywhere between 10 and 14 hours of sleep. Ensuring a sleeping environment that is healthy and quiet helps kids sleep profoundly and this counts for a well rested body that will be able to fight illness in a more efficient manner. At night, the kids’ room should be dark and well ventilated. If the temperature you maintain in the room is too high, your kids will sleep poorly, and this will reflect on how much resistance they have in the face of disease.


Take your kids out for walks and playing in the park every day. Exposure to sun rays and fresh air works wonders for any baby’s immune system. Even on cloudy days, the sun will still deliver the much-needed conditions for the human body to synthesize the much-needed vitamin D that plays an important role in the creation of strong bones. Also, kids who play in fresh air every day will be naturally exhausted at the end of the day, and they will sleep well.

Make time to play with your kids and show them how much you love them. According to experts, the happy, positive feelings experienced by a child in their family environment also help with boosting the immune system. A happy child is less likely to get sick, and you will be a happy parent, as well.